Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diversity Dinner

The cool, rainy weather could not dampen the fantastic atmosphere of the first BTC Diversity Dinner. A brainchild of Chaplain, Amy Diesel, the Diversity Dinner celebrated different cultures through the experience of varied foods. Students, teachers and kitchen staff all helped prepare the food which was donated through the generosity of the P&F. Each of the dishes had a story behind them, whether it be a treasured dish evoking childhood memories of home, a family favourite passed down over generations or  tastes experienced in a multi cultural neighbourhood.Each person who submitted a recipe spoke of the background behind it , which in turn opened a door into past lives and heritages.
Dishes included:
Cabbage Roll Casserole (Mr West) Canadian/German
Vindaloo Curry (Mrs Ballantyne) India
Nonna's Chicken Spaghetti (Mrs Schultz) Italy
Chicken Larb (Ms Aitchison)  Thai/ Australian
San Choy Bau (Ms Devinish)  China/Taiwan
Sop Sop  (Tanae)   Indigenous Australian
Pap Tart  (Nurse Anna)  South African
Sadza and Sauce (Marble)  Zimbabwe
Paella     (Julietta)  Spain / Phillipines
Chocolate cake (Mrs Donaldson) South Africa
Eccles Cakes  (Mr Sutcliffe)  Britain
Madazi (Mr Mbugua)  Kenya

After a welcome by Mrs Moxham and Amy Diesel, Pastor Tom said grace and the savouring began.
Student performers entertained the diners throughout the night while a slide show , which showed background scenes during the cooking day in the home economics rooms was shown.  Steven played Jumbuck Jive on his trombone and  India performed Amaging Grace on her saxaphone which she played for an ecore at the end of the night with everyone joining in singing . Ms Donaldson and Keesha sang Love You Forever and Maddie sang 1000Years.

To all the student helpers serving and clearing the tables, a huge thank you. The night was a huge success and enjoyed by all attending.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Term 2 Sport Girls - Netball

The girls have played the first round of their Netball competition. We fielded teams in all age groups and played All Souls who have well drilled teams that are used to playing together in the Town competition. The teams played well and showed good sportsmanship.  While none of the teams managed a win we can only improve over the coming weeks......



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