Monday, October 30, 2017

Junior and Senior Assembly

At Junior Assembly the weekly award winners were:
Gemma, Declan,  Braith, Sophia and Kayla. Head of Junior Awards went to Thomas and Charlie for always wearing correct uniform , completing school work  to the best of their abilities and being well behaved.

Results for the Swimming carnival were announced with Bacon winning the boys, Bryce winning the girls and overall Bryce Dickson taking out the first place. Age champions were:-

Age Champion Girl Runner Up Girl Champion Boy Runner Up Boy
6yrs  Pippa Thompson Rivah Young           Rowan Stoll          Casey Potter
7yrs  Kia King                                    Linc Reiffel        Emmit  Jonsson
8yrs  Dana Bassett                                   Kane Condon William Pratt
9yrs Grace Ferguson     Summer-Rae
                                          Callope                    Lincon Foot      Jackson Hopley-Joce
10yrs                                            Nate Thompson Brock Critchley
11yrsMaclyn Scarborough   Heather
                                           Smallwood          Juke Ferguson     Dan Marshall

Linc and Locc Reiffel brought their awards and trophies from their motorbike  weekends.
They were involved with the FNQ Motorbike Development Series where they travelled to Ravenshoe, Tully and Mareeba. An Australian motorbike rider  coached the boys and they also raced.  Linc drove a KTM50CC while Locc drove a KTM65CC. Locc came 1st in the overall 65CC 10-11 Years Chains while Linc also had success in his Demo -Encouragement Level where he placed well in his races. Well done boys.

Secondary students also celebrated some awards and presentations.
Students who have received a mark of A-. A or A+ received a certificate in English , English Communications , Music and Art.
English and English Communication awardees included:-
India Aitchison, Sophie Mc Laren, Daniel Reed, Jessee Santo and Elissa Harrison.
Music Awardees included:-
Montanna Homasi, Justin Barrett, Magenta Pope, Kathryn Fisher, Olivia Miller, Zahra Shadbolt, Jordan Olditch.
Art Awardees included:-
Laken Wilton, Aleesha Wild, Robert Soloman, Crystall Robinson, Catherine Weicks, Babetha Nona, Charlie Curtis, Kate McCullough, Olivia Treacy, Teneisha Soloman, Elijah Sam, Kellend Elliott, Elissa Harrison, Evie Batt.

There were the  English ICAS  ( University of NSW) certificates:-
Participation Awards- Seth Black, Jordan Brook, Liam Brown, Darby Butler, Montanna Homosi, Yasmeen Caddy, Zahra Shadbolt, Olivia Miller, Erin Neville, Aleesha Wild, Catherine Weicks, Alix Reed, Hayden Gallagher, Jordan Olditch,  Lacey Arthur, Chloe Cain, Megan Rayment, Emilee Sullivan, Ronnie Critchley,  Anne Lahui, Holly Morgan, Olivia Treacy,Patrick Harrison and Sophie Mc Laren.
Merit and Credit Awards:-Magenta Pope, Kathryn Fisher,Kelsey Jones, Jack Donaldson, Daniel Reed, Elissa Harrison

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Junior School Interhouse Swimming Carnival

After the Interhouse Swimming Carnival was postponed last week due to the rainy weather, the sun shone brightly for the Swimming Carnival this week. All competitors were happy to dive in the pool for a swim. Age Champions and House Winners will be announced at  Junior Assembly on Monday .