Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tallebudgera Camp

Day 4 After a great night of rock climbing we had a few more takers for both the beach walk and the hill walk. Then it was breakfast and a bus drive to Sea World. After watching the Sea Lion Show- Fish Detectives and the Dolphin Show, the group were treated to a really interesting talk about dolphins, training of them and care for the marine environment. The students then split up into groups and had free time to eat, visit other displays, go on rides and shop. The day went really quickly and before we knew it we were heading home ( with quite a few large toys....even though they had been spoken to about needing to fit whatever they bought in the bags!) After dinner we gave out fun awards from the week before students had to start to pack and ready for leaving tomorrow.

Day 3
The early morning walkers were a bit light on this morning.........must have worn them out yesterday! The first activity this morning was catapults. The student were separated into three groups and after being shown the types of knots to use the groups were given logs and ropes to construct their catapults. After they were given the OK, the slings were attached and they then had to hone their skills and try and launch tennis balls into the hoops in the middle of the oval. After morning tea the group moved to the beach for beach games which were also popular.  The afternoon activity was finally the surfing lesson. Looking very professional in their wet suits the group first learnt about beach and surf safety and how to carry and use the board before they hit the surf. Heaps of fun with lots and lots of excited BTC students.  Just about to go to dinner soon and after dinner will be rock climbing.

Day 2
The first day of activities saw the a group of keen beach walkers and another group of hill walkers bound out of bed at 6am. it was a beautiful morning with all enjoying their walk. After breakfast the students had a turn on the giant swing. For this activity they were taken as high as they wanted (all went to the tap which was about 20m high) , then the students released the swing and they were swung through an arc high above as all. There were a lot of excited faces! After morning tea was evasion games  indoor. This consisted of a lot of dodge ball variations which the students also seemed to enjoy. After lunch we all changed and headed to the creek for kayaking. It was a bit windy but they all paddled well. We stopped for afternoon tea before having some kayak treasure hunt type races. After coming back it started to rain a little and we are waiting to see if we  head back to the beach before dinner. Tonight we are playing basketball type games.

The Year 8 class has finally arrived at Tallebudgera Camp. While at the airport in Townsville they realised that not only were the Broncos in the terminal but they w ere on the same flight as us. Students got photos and signatures. After a great trip we arrived at Tallebudgera where we fist went for a walk up Burleigh Hill.   It was a bit of a trek for some as the lower walking track was closed.  back to the camp and we were taken to our rooms where we settled in before heading down to the beach for a run and a paddle.  We have finished dinner now and students are having showers and down time.