Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Year 7 Graduation Lunch

Year 7 students, parents and friends celebrated their graduation from Primary School, at the Park Motel. The students were treated to fine class dining with a selection of delicious finger food and an endless glass of softdrink. Mrs Black presented each students with a "Mr Men" they could identify with. With each presentation she had funny stories of incidents at school which led to the Mr Men choice. They also recieved a Graduation certificate. A great luch was had by all. Thanks to Mrs Cerqui for organising the lunch and for Mrs Clavis at the Park Motel for providing an excellent lunch.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Year 12 Final Assembly

On a clear, fine and sultry morning the Year 12 cohort gathered for the last time as BTC students.Family, friends and the entire College came to celebrate these students. Mrs Jean Mc Cubben(Deputy Chair of the Board) adressed the students and gave a bible reading and prayer.Mr Hewitt wished them all the best in his speech before Roderick Gairo sang "Friends are Forever". It was about this time that the tissues Mrs Everard handed out to the students, started being used.College Captains Bindi-Lee Fox and Taylor Smith gave heartfelt speeches to their graduating class. The students proudly sang the "Go It Blue" College Song before being presented with certificates and gifts from Mrs Cerqui (P&F BTC President)......more tissues needed. It was up to the top verandah of Thornburgh House for the final Blackthorn War Cry and then out through the guard of honour formed by teachers and students. Goodbye and Good Luck to our 2009 Seniors. We will miss you........heaps!

Valedictory Dinner

Year 12 students ,families and staff gathered at the RSL for the Senior Class of 2009's Valedictory Dinner. Compares for the night were Linley Cerqui and Tim Jackson, who were the Primary School Captains.Slide shows throughout the evening showed the students from early on at BTC up to their final year.Four students had been at the College since Year 1 (1998) Ewen Mc Lennan, Taylor Smith, Morgan Mc Coll and Callum Mc Coll.Toast to the College was made by Russell West, Grace given by Roderick Gairo while students speakers included Anna Bajema, Morgan Oss and Meghan Rockley. College Captains Taylor and Bindi cut the Valedictory cake and thanked Mr Newcomb and Mrs Everard for organising the night. All students received a special presentaion by Mrs Sticklen and the Residential Supervisors.The boys proudly wore their "Thornburgh Men" ties while the girls wore their beautiful bracelets.