Friday, August 31, 2012

Primary Interschool Athletics

Primary Interschool Athletics was held at Columba this year.
The Infants  and Junior competitors ran well  in their sprints with Kascie McDonald , Jade Stoll, Poppy Prichard and Jahana Critchley making it through to the finals. in the finals Poppy finished 5th and Kascie finished 6th. In the 800m events  Annie Luckman  claimed a 3rd, Connor Neville tied for 3rd, Evie Batt  and Daniel Windus claimed 2nd in their events, while 1st place was awarded to Tak Kuwajima and Maddison Aitchison.
In the field events stand out performances included Jessee Santo's 1sts in high jump and long jump, India Aitchison's 2nds in shot put and high jump, Tristan Vimpani's 2nds in shotput and long jump, Evie Batt's 2nd in long jump, Tak Kuwajima's  1st in long jump, Maddison Aitchison's 1st in long jump Annie Luckman's 3rd in long jump , Jack Donaldson's 4th in shot put and Brianna Innes' 5th in shot put.
In the 100m sprints Kelsie Waia, Annie Luckman, Jessee Santo, Tristan Vimpani, Tak Kuwajima, Evie Batt and Maddison Aitchison making it through the heats to the finals.
 Maddison ran a  great race  to grab 3rd , while  Evie Batt and Annie Luckman  gained  2nd's in their events. In a close race Tak and Tristan crossed 1st and 2nd respectively but the crowd was on its feet for Jessee's race where she not only came 1st but broke the record, in both her heat and final.
200m races   saw Annie, Tak, Tristan, Evie , Maddison and Jessee in the finals with 1sts going to Jessee and Tak, 2nd's to Evie and Tristan and 3rds to Maddison and Annie.
The senior boys relay of Tak, Tristan, Daniel and Jack  ran a fantastic 2nd place while the senior girls relay of Jessee, Evie, Kelsie and Annie ran a credible 3rd place.

Age Champions were Jesse Santo 12yrs Girls and Takumi Kuwajima 13yrs Boys with Evie Batt Runner Up 13 Yrs Girls Champion and Tristan Vimpani Runner Up 13 Yrs Boys Champion.  BTC students selected in the Charters Towers Athletics Team to compete in the Northern Region championships were Jessee Santo, Annie Luckman, Tak Kuwajima and Tristan Vampini.
In the  Aggregate  Trophy BTC placed 6th and in the Average Trophy BTC placed 3rd. Well done to all the competitors who represented BTC.