Monday, February 25, 2013

Arts Council

Students from the Junior School and the Senior Drama students were treated to the" MC Platypus and Queen Koala Roadtrip" Arts Council preoduction. The show focussed on rhythm and perscussion  through hip hop and music. The students were involved when they made their own airband.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Leader's Badge Presentation

The Senior Leaders  were presented with their badges at a special Presentation Assembly.  Parents, siblings and friends were on hand to present and help pin the badges on the leaders. After the Seniors led the Blackthorn War Cry,the BTC Rock Band performed  an excellent rendition of "When You Say Nothing ay All". This band will compete in the Battle of the Bands in March.



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secondary Interschool Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday evening  BTC swimmers lined up on the blocks to compete against the other schools at the Interschool Swimming carnival.  The first event of the carnival was the 200m freestyle. some notable swims were by Hayley Condon 3rd ,Keesha Whyte 1st, Madi Smith 1st ,Darcy Ginns- Larkin 1st  and Harrison Phillott 2nd but ' well done'  needs to go to all the swimmers who swam the was a long way.
 Thursday evening saw the swimmers and supporters ready for the rest of the carnival with the first event the 50m freestyle dash and splash. In the 13 yrs girls Hayley Condon touched 2nd just in front of team mate Jessee Santo.In the 14 yrs and 15 yrs  Keesha Whyte and Madi Smith claimed 1sts with Kate Miller finishing strongly to touch 3rd.16 yrs boys saw Darcy Ginns-Larkin power away to a great win  to touch at 26.03 secs and break the 1989 record of Colin Robins.In the boys Open event , after a spirited race, Harrison Phillott touched  in 2nd place.
In the 50m breaststroke 13 yr old Jessee Santo touched 2nd while  1st place was awarded to Keesha Whyte(14 yrs) In the 15 yrs BTC touched 1st and 3rd with Madi Smith  and Kate Miller In the 16 yr girls, Katie Williams came 3rd while Rachael Dahl touched 4th. Darcy Ginns-Larkin  claimed a 1st in the 16 yrs boys breaststroke event with Karl Knuth lining up for his first swim for BTC. Toby Paynter touched 3rd in the Open Boys.
13 yrs Hayley Condon touched 3rd in the 100m freestyle while in the 14 yrs and 15yrs saw Keesha Whyte and Madi Smith claim the 1st place.16yr Darcy Ginns-Larkin powered away to a convincing win while Harrison Phillott touched in 2nd place in the Open boys.
The first relays of the night were the medley relays. 13 boys(Jaxson Gallagher, Jack Gillatt, Allan Rau, Clint Rayment) placed 3rd while 13 yrs girls(Jessee Santo, Hayley Condon,Jaimi  Rossow,Brianna Innes) placed 4th. 14 yrs girls (Keesha Whyte, Raven Guy, Ashlee Walsh, Madalyn Weicks)  and boys (Lachlan Corrigan,Jayden Pickering, Jack McQueen,Tuk Kuwajima)  both touched 3rd. 16 yrs girls (Lucy Campbell, Rachael Dahl,Demi Glodsworthy,Katie Williams) touched 3rd  and the 16 yrs boys (Darcy Ginns-Larkin,Jake Hillyear,Casey henry, Errol Miller) claimed a 2nd. Open Girls (Sally Carrington,Shaunica Lee Cheu, Morgan Williams, Hayley Whiting) came 3rd while the Open Boys (Harrison Phillot, Toby Paynter, Danny Rayment,Callum Brown) touched 2nd.

Keesha Whyte dashed down the pool to touch 1st in the 14yrs 50m backstroke. In a stroke for stroke race Madi Smith was just touched out to claim 2nd in the 15 yrs girls while in the 16yrs boys darcy Ginns-Larkin added another 1st place to his tally and Open Boy Harrison Phillot claimed 2nd.
With 50m butterfly being the last individual event, Jessee Santo took off down the pool to touch 1st and Hayley Condon touching 4th in the 13 yrs girls event. Keesha Whyte was just touched out to claim a 2nd in the 14 yrs while in the 15yrs girls Madi Smith also claimed 2nd . Darcy Ginns-Larkin  finished his clean sweep of the first placings in the 16yrs butterfly and Harrison Phillott placed 2nd in the Open Boys event.

The schools war cries were ringing out acoss the pool as the team prepared for the last event of the carnival- 50m freestyle relay.13 boys(Jaxson Gallagher, Jack Gillatt, Allan Rau, Clint Rayment)placed 3rd while 13 yrs girls(Jessee Santo, Hayley Condon,Jaimi Rossow,Brianna Innes) placed 4th after a close finish bewteen 3rd and 4th. 14 yrs girls (Keesha Whyte, Raven Guy, Ashlee Walsh, Madalyn Weicks) placed 2nd while boys (Lachlan Corrigan,Jayden Pickering, Jack McQueen,Tuk Kuwajima)  touched 3rd.  15 yrs boys (Dale Perrett, Haiden Kettunen, Colin Rayment , Daniel Windus) touched 3rd while the girls (Madi Smith, Kate Miller, Jemimah Phillott, Bridget Ginns-Larkin) powered away to convincingly win the 15 yrs relay.16 yrs girls (Lucy Campbell, Rachael Dahl,Demi Glodsworthy,Kaylin Laffey) touched 3rd and the 16 yrs boys (Darcy Ginns-Larkin,Karl Knuth,Fred Batt, Errol Miller) also  claimed a 3rd after a great sprint by Darcy who nearly caught  the 2nd placed ASSG. Open Girls (Sally Carrington,Shaunica Lee Cheu, Morgan Williams, Hayley Whiting) came 3rd while the Open Boys (Harrison Phillot, Toby Paynter, Brandon Reed,Callum Brown) also touched 3rd.

 BTC claimed Age Champions in 14 yrs girls -Keesha Whyte, 15 yrs girls- Madi Smith, 16 yrs boys- Darcy Ginns-Larkin and  Open Boys Runner up Age Champion- Harrison Phillott. BTC won the Don Doyle Memorial Shield (13,14,15 yrs Girls Aggregate)
While in other results (Rattray shield,Morton Cup,Coleman Cup, Griffiths Memorial Relay Trophy ,  A&R Duckworth Trophy  and the Combined Aggregate Trophy, BTC placed 3rd.

Congratulations go to all swimmers who took to the blocks to swim for BTC. All points helped build up BTC's tally. The cheering in the stands was motivational with one comment from the crowd " I am sick of 'we've got the spirit' , I think all schools should 'wiggle it a little bit' like BTC. I like that one."
                                                  So are a crowd pleaser!