Friday, January 31, 2014

Senior Leaders Induction

Students, staff , parents and friends gathered at the Leaders Induction Assembly. The Assembly included speeches from Mr Chris Hesp (Chairman of the Board), Mr Nigel Fairbairn (Principal) and College Captains Fred Batt and Jaimeen Kenni. Dean of Students, Mrs Jillian Schulz presented the students with their badges and parents or friends were invited to pin the badges on. After the College Song was sung, the new leaders and their guests enjoyed morning tea on the verandah of Thornburgh House.

2014 Captains , Prefects and Senior Leaders
                  College Captains:                              Fred Batt and Jaimeen Kenni
                  College Vice Captains:                      Roy Fisher and Rachael Dahl
                  Boarding Captains:                            Roy Fisher and Nicole Forshaw
                  Boarding Vice Captains:                   Tom Mc Queen and Melanie Jones
                  House Captains: 
                                            Archie/Black-           Errol Miller
                                            Bacon/ Bacon-          Rachael Dahl
                                            Bryce/ Dickson-       Demi Goldsworthy
                  Sports Captain:                                  Darcy Ginns- Larkin
                  Performing Arts Captain:                  Sean Tria
                  Prefect:                                               Lucy Campbell
                  Seniors Leaders:                               Kerri-Ann Bulsey
                                                                              Leanne Edwards
                                                                             Anfernee Henry
                                                                             Alexander Kent
                                                                             Shaunica Lee Cheu
                                                                             Anna Maloney
                                                                             Kael Morrissey
                                                                             Karla Sollitt