Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 College Leaders Induction

On a very humid first day back for 2013, students, staff  parents and friends gathered at Blackthorn Hall to see the 2013 Student Leaders be inducted.

The 2013 Secondary Student Leaders are:

College Captains: Harrison Phillott and Morgan Rockley

College Vice Capatins: Andrew Pittman and Olivia Penna

Boarding Captains: Callum Brown and Ashtyn Krause


House Captains:

Archie/ Black - Toby Paynter

Bacon/Bacon - Hayley Whiting

Bryce/Dickson-  Reece Wallace


Sports Captain: Morgan Williams


Performing Arts Captain: Olivia Penna

Prefects: Malcolm Pegler and Sally Carrington

Senior Leaders:  Nakiya Bally, Sally Palmer, Megan Penna, Daniel Rayment

                              Brandon Reed,  Seiarne Reid  , Jemma Robinson, Thomas Wright


Junior Leaders are:

Captains:  Connor Neville and Ronnie Critchley

Sports Captains: Liam Dumesny and Taylor Hughes

Leaders: Jack Donaldson and Bree-Anna Eberle


Parents and friends joined the Leaders for a morning tea on the verandah of Thornburgh House.





First Day Around the College

Many excited students arrived at BTC for their first day of Term1 2013. Lots of catching up time, meeting new classmates and for some meeting new teachers.