Saturday, February 28, 2015

Secondary Interschool Swimming

BTC students filed into the town pool for the  Secondary Interschool  Swimming Carnival. The 200m freestyle races were on Thursday night with the main carnival held on Friday night. The BTC students put in 100% effort both swimming and cheering. Well done to all. Congratulations go to Alex Ford Multi Class 16yrs  Boys Age Champion, Colin Davis Multi Class 14 Yrs Boys Age Champion , Madi Smith Joint Open Girls Age Champion and Catherine Oliver Runner Up 14 Yrs Girls Age Champion.
In the 12yrs events Jahana Critchley, Dylan Gillard (3rd 50m butterfly), Janold Smit, Caleb Henry, Hayden Gallagher and Mitch Peterson represented the College with the boys claiming 3rd place in the relays. The 13 yr events had Jessie Miller, Riley Casson,Catherine Weicks, Kate McCullough, Lacie Arthur competing in the girls races with Jessie Miller claiming 3rd in 50m , 100m, 200m  freestyle and 50m backstroke  and Catherine Weicks 3rd in 50m fly  and 50m breaststroke, while in the boys events BTC was ably represented by Ned Marshall, Owen Hyden, Braithen Knox, Robert Oliver and Mitch Marsterson and claimed 3rd in the relays.
In the14yrs girls events Catherine Oliver put a huge effort in to claim 2nd in 200m free,50m free,100m free, 50m butterfly and 1st in her 50m breaststroke. With her team mates, Ronnie Critchley,Tenisha Soloman, Annie Luckman, Nikita Wearing, Olivia Treacy claimed 2nd in the relay.
Representing the College in the 14 yrs boys competition were Rhylie Thompson,Harry McQueen,Stacey Krause and Jay Pacey(3rd 50m backstroke), who claimed 3rd in the relays.
The 15yrs girls had a strong team of swimmers which included Elissa Harrison (3rd 100m free, 50m fly), Hayley Condon, Jessee Santo (2nd 50m fly, 50m breaststroke,3rd 50m free), Teah Schaefer, Jaimi Rossow who took out the blue ribbon in the freestyle relay. 15 yrs old boys competing for the College were Mitch Fogarty(3rd 100m free,200m free, 50m free, 50m breaststroke) , Sam Shadbolt,Allen Rau , Adagi Lifu (3rd 50m backstroke), Jacob Freestone and Alex Tupper-Osland who placed 2nd in  the Medley Relay.
16 yrs girls swimming for BTC included Ashlee Walsh(3rd 50m fly), Maddie Aitchison, Samantha Burbidge, Evie Batt, Madalyn Weicks and India Aitchison who placed 3rd in relays. 16 yr boys,  Maxwell Bartsch , Lachlan Corrigan, Ethan Morea ,Douglas Sealy, Alex Ford and Jack McQueen placed 3rd in relays. Open Girls were anchored by Madi Smith (1st 200m free, 50m breaststroke, 50m Back, 2nd 50m free, 100m free, 50m fly) and Kate Miller ( 3rd 200m free, 50m free, 50m breaststroke, 100m free) 50m backstroke),in all races with Emma Condon, Merial Kenni and Henrietta Sagon joining for the relays with the girls winning the 1st place ribbons for the Open Freestyle Relay. Representing the Open boys were Bou-Dean Evans, Fred Bulsey, James Freestone, Sevese Morea, Jordan Benny, Veau Godua and Taye Reid who placed 3rd in the relays.

In the Multi class events Alex Ford placed 1st in all his events (200m free, 100m free, 50m free, 50 m breaststroke,50m backstroke, 50m fly) and Colin Davis placed 1st in 50m free and 50m breaststroke.

The BTC Open/16 yrs girls placed 2nd in the Rattray Shield, 12-15 yrs girls placed 3rd in the Don Doyle Memorial Shield, 3rd in thew Coleman Cup Girls Aggregate and 3rd in the Moreton Cup  Girls Relay. The BTC boys placed 3rd in the Griffiths Memorial Boys Relay Trophy and 3rd in the Overall Boys Aggregate. That gave BTC 3rd place in the Althea Norton Combined Aggregate Shield