Monday, August 29, 2011

State Representation

Year 6 student, Jesse Santo, has had a busy month of August with her State Representional duties. Firstly she (and mum, Marnie) headed to Brisbane to compete in the State Athletic titles. After coming 3rd in her 100m heats, Jessee decided to pull out of long jump finals as they clashed with the 100m finals. She ran a credible 5th in the 100m finals and and equally impressive 7th in the 200m finals. Home for a week or so and then back to Toowoomba for the StateTouch Football Championships. The team played well and won some of their games against the top teams of the State with Jessee finding the cold foggy Toowoomba weather very memorable. Congratulations Jessee, you should feel very proud of your efforts.


For the first 5 weeks of Term 3, a keen group of Year 6 students have been preparing their challenge solution for Opti-Minds. They have been 'rewriting' a traditional children's story, 'Alice in Wonderland' to include new and interesting characters. They have also changed some of the things that happened in the original story. The team were required to act out an entertaining play that incorporated the changes to the story.

They travelled to James Cook University in Townsville on Sunday 28th August to present their challenge solution before a panel of judges. Although the team did not gain a place, they had a fantastic time and learnt some useful skills regarding problem solving and working in a team. The team members were Lauren Millett, Sophie McLaren, Megan Wright, Jessee Santo and Tayla Stoll.

Opti-Minds is a challenge that is open to students of all year levels, Prep to Year 12. There are 3 different divisions that teams can enter, depending on the age group composition of their team. This year, BTC's team was in Division 1, Prep to Year 7. Teams are able to choose from 3 possible challenges each year. One is usually maths/engineering focused, one language/literature and one social sciences. The teams are also required to compete in the Spontaneous section of Opti-Minds where they have only 10 minutes to come up with creative ideas relating to a particular theme. A great opportunity for brainstorming!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secondary Interschool Sport

Interschool sport for Term 3 started this week. Boys are competing in Cricket while the girls are playing Tennis. Mixed results for Week 1 of the competitions . Results received so far is that while 13's (21-10) and 14's  (22-15) tennis teams went down to ASSG the 15's have wins from players 1&2 but losses from players 3&4. The 2nds and 13's Cricket teams went down to ASSG but the 14's and 1sts Cricket teams had wins. Good luck to all teams for next week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Week Celebrations

To celebrate Book Week Junior students and teachers dressed up to represent characters in their favourite book.Prep and Year 1's favourite book was The Magic School Bus -Out of This World with Ms Fuller dressing up as Ms Frizzle and Monique as Liz the Lizard. Year 2 have been studying The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat where the students and Mrs Fry wore a selection of hats.The Pirates of the Caribbean- Deadman's Curse was the book chosen by Year 3. Students and Ms Davey made great pirates and other charcaters from the story.Year 4 students chose Wizard of Oz with Ms Davies dressing as the Tin Man.Year 5 dressed as characters from Snow White with Mr Page doing a very good display of Dopey. Year 6 decided Harry Potter was their favourite story series.Adam was a convincing Hagrid, Jessee was being Harry practising his spells and Maddie was a great Professor who could see into the future and read tea-leaves.
The winner of theYr P-2 dress up was Monique  with runner-up Eva.  Erin and Ashiana won the colouring competition.
The winners of the Yr3-6 dress up was a tie for first between Konnar and Blake and the runner-ups, Carmen and Adam also tied. Colouring-in winners were India and Bree-anna.Thank you to Mrs Moxham and Mrs Black for judging the costumes and thanks to Ms Davies for organising Book Week. A final thanks to Gemma Hill who came down from Secondary School to read a book to Prep and Yr 1.