Tuesday, January 30, 2018

First Day Around the College.

Welcome back to 2018 at Blackheath and Thornburgh College.

2018 Leaders" Induction

 Congratulations to the 2018 Seniors and the Leadership Team. Today they were presented with their badges after they delivered their College Leader's Pledge. Good luck and enjoy your final year at BTC.
The 2018 Seniors are:-

Blackheath Captain:- Ronnie Critchley
Blackheath Vice Captain:- Nikita Wearing
Thornburgh Captain:- Jacob Johnson
Thornburgh Vice Captain:- Elisha Sam
Boarding Girls Captain:- Kiara Guligo
Boarding Girls Vice Captain:- Jessica Tamarua
Boarding Boys Captain, Arts Captain :- Kelland Ellott
Boarding Boys Vice Captain:- Jayden Eglington
Academic Captain:- Olivia Treacy
Sports Captain:- Harry McQueen
Student Representative Council Captain:- Jack Donaldson
Archie Black House Captain:- Josh Abbott
Bacon Bacon House Captain:- Holly Morgan
Bryce Dickson House Captain:- Tenisha Soloman
Senior Leader:- Tarrisha Baira
Senior Leader:- Colin Davis
Senior Leader:- Haylie Deighton
Senior Leader:- Liam Dumesny
Senior Leader:- Mericka Friday
Senior Leader:- Stacy Krause
Senior Leader:- Anne Lahui
Senior Leader:- Connor Neville
Senior Leader:- Elijah Sam
Senior Leader:- Kyle Schaefer
Senior Leader:- Adam Sheahan
Senior Leader:- Jakob Wak
Senior Leader:- Josua Walsh
Senior Leader:- Reegan Whiting
Senior Leader:- Trent Wills
Senior Leader:- Han Jie (Jimmy) Xu