Monday, May 29, 2017

More photos of Cabin Fever

Here are some more photos of our very talented students and staff, many are a behind the scenes look at the whole operation.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cabin Fever

With last rehearsals done , nerves tucked away and lines memorised the cast and crew from Cabin Fever were ready to sail away. BTC blog got a sneak peek during rehearsals both backstage and in the audience.
Back in the day when hair was big,flares were bigger and sunglasses covered your face, a group of people looking for romance and a chance to dance set sail for a musical adventure. It was the time of disco, where people caught the disco fever and boogied the night away.
Main characters included:-
Steven Zarganis as Barry Pembledon, Cruise Director of the Promenade Princess.
Georgie Taylor as Lisa Gable, the quintessential flirt of the play  with good looks and moves of a 70's Solid Gold Dancer and shine of an Age ofd Aquarius diva. Georgie oozes tanning lotion and confidence as the love interest of Barry, Johnno and finally......
Wade Willoughby as Johnno T Ravolte, the smoooooooth dance instructor with a Latin heart as big as all Latino and an eye for the ladies....both eyes...and ALL the ladies, ALL the time.
Elissa Harrison as Johnno's loooooooong suffering dance partner whose sweetness and innocence gives you cavities.....and in the end will lead her to.........
Olivia Rees- Ewen as Elizabeth Bancroft, with the grace, class and fashion sense of Jackie O, Elizabeth has a mission to find her long lost love , but will he recognise her after all these years?
Elijah Epong as Captain Charles Hart, he's sailed the Seven Seas and moored his ship at the BTC Wharf to delight his fans new and old.
Crew of the Promenade Princess:-
Elijah Epong-                              Captain Charles Hart
Brianna Innes                               Dr Colleen Hook
Steven Zarganis                           Barry Pembledon
Wade Willoughby                        Johnno T Revolte
Elissa Harrison                            Kym Halliday
Evelyn Coleman                          Vicki Smythe
Jason Bulsey                                Leon Lecool
Tyrese Pryor                                 First Mate Pete Reel
Patrick Harrison                           Roderick Barr
Callum Bourke                             Alan Dermott
Reegan Whiting                           Trevor Bucket
Lauren Millett                              Jane Delaney
Tayla Stoll                                    Donna Star

Olivia Rees-Ewen                        Mrs Elizabeth Bancroft
Liam McMeekin                          Mr Richard Bancroft
Georgie Taylor                             Lisa Gable
Kassity Knox                               Tina Krystalle
Caitlyn Hyden                              Helen Worthington
Reg Batt                                       Steven Flashman
Robert Oliver                               Roger Flashman

Kendrah Barratt                           Ian Gott
Kate McCullough                        Maggie Moffatt
Bonny Mc Kellar                         Greg Martin
Jahana Critchley                          Louise Walker
Morgaine Bourke                         Fiona Collette
Kathryn Fisher                             Andy Hudson
Tania Scarborough                       Sally Cann
Claire Harvey                               Simon Mc Lean
Gemma Neville                            Amanda Lee
Charli Donaldson                         John Ramsay
Mia Bassett                                  Claire Sparkles

Also thanks to :-
Mrs Erika Donaldson- Costume Design and Construction
Mrs Suzanne Skirde- Make up and Hair Design

Ms Jillian Schulz
Ms Jessica Blakey                   Choreography and Dance Coaches
Ms Shauna Mc Cormack

Ms Karen Hopley, Mrs Skirde and crew - Publicity and front of house
Mrs Mell Boyce-              Vocal Coach
Mr Matt Deshon-              Chief Engineer
Ms Katrina Aitchison -      Chief Designer

Mrs Meg Bassett
Mr John Bushell
Mrs Jillian Schulz             Sets
Mr Eric Schulz

Mr Rolf Skirde -             Camera Design and Construction

Ned Hancock
Maison Ernst
Kelland Elliot
Rani Jones
India Aitchison                  Sets, Props and Construction Crew
Sam Dickson
Logan Lee
Ben Carlaw
Jack Rogers
Brenda Peemuggin
Lachlan Chu

Sam Dickson
Logan Lee
Ben Carlaw                        Backstage Crew
Dean Whiting
Jack Rogers
India Aitchison

Mr Matt Deshon
Mr Daniel Shaw
Alex Tupper-Osland              Lighting and Sound Crew
Inge Abrams
Ned Hancock

Mr Phil Haskins                    Lighting
Mr Steven Huth                    Music Arrangement
Mrs Chris Fairbairn              Writer, Director
Ms Katrina Aitchison           Stage Manager
Mrs Kellie Walsh                  Acting Coach and Director
Miss Alyssa Priddle              Music Director
Mr Matt Deshon                   Props Manager
Mr Daniel Shaw                   Sound Engineer