Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas to our BTC Community. Enjoy your time with your family. See you in 2013 for a great year at BTC.

College Leaders 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Student Leaders of Blackheath and Thornburgh College.  The positions were filled as following:
Blackheath Girls College Captain: Morgan Rockley
Thornburgh Boys College Captain: Harrison Phillott
Blackheath Vice- Captain and Performing Arts Captain: Olivia Penna
Thornburgh Vice- Captain: Andrew Pittman
Boys Boarding Captain: Callum Brown
Girls Boarding Capatin:Ashtyn Krause
Sports Captain: Morgan Williams
Bryce Dickson  House Captain: Reece Wallace
Bacon  Bacon House Captain: Hayley Whiting
Archie Black House Captain: Toby Paynter
Prefect: Malcolm Pegler
Prefect: Sally Carrington

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Speech Day

 Junior and Senior students, staff, parents and friends gathered at the World Theatre for the Annual Speech Day. After the Academic Procession , Welcome to Country and Opening Prayer, the Little Big Band performed Louie Louie. The Primary Captains, Maddie Aitchison and Jaxson Gallagher gave their reports which was followed by a visual review of the Primary School Year. Strudents were then welcomed across the stage, year by year, for the  presentation of Awards and Prizes.  After the College Song , the Senior Vocal group sang Arms of an Angel before Mr Fairbairn gave his address. After a visual presentation of the Senior School Year in Review, the Middle School awardees were introduced and presented with their prizes and awards. The Blackheath College Hymn was sung before Mr Chris Hesp gave the Board's Address.The Senior Specialist Group sang Go Rest High on the Mountains before the Senior School students accepted their awards and prizes. After the Thornburgh College Hymn and the College Captain's speeches by Zoe and Callum the moment many were waiting to hear:the Announcement of  2013 Captains of the College. Congratulations go to Harrison Phillott (Thornburgh Captain) and Morgan Rockley (Blackheath Capatin).

While there were too many awards presented on the day to mention them all here- the Duxes  and Proximae Accessit's were as follows
Primary School:        Dux-   Evie Batt
                                  Proximae  Accessit- Sophie Mc Laren
Year 8:                      Dux-   Lachlan Wearing
                                  Proximae Accessit- Madalyn Weicks
Year 9:                      Dux-   Madi Smith
                                  Proximae Accessit- Jemimah Phillott
Year 10:                    Dux-  Roy Fisher
                                  Proximae Accessit- Darcy Ginns-Larkin
Year 11:                    Dux-   Olivia Penna
                                  Proximae Accessit- Malcolm Pegler
Year 12:                    Dux-   Callum Smith
                                  Proximae Accessit- Melinda Ryan

The Spirit of Junior School was awarded to Emma Zischke while the Bill Kennedy Memorial Prize for Outstanding Achievement was presented to Callum Smith, Caltex Best All Rounder to Zoe Curtis and the Judy Batt Memorial Prize to Melinda Ryan.

Maddie Aitchison Junior School Captain

Jaxson Gallagher Junior School Captain

Thomas Burt- Encouragement Award

Kalys King- Encouragement Award

Patrick Sullivan -Encouragement Award

Gemma Neville- Encouragement Award

Jarod Stoll- Academic Award

Khesanh Thomasson- Academic Award

Lucy Innes- Encouragement Award, 8yrs swimming

David Donaldson-8yrs Athletics

Kascie McDonald- 8yrs Cross Country, Swimming

Erin Neville- Academic Award

Poppy Prichard- 9yrs Athletics, Cross Country

Jade Stoll-Encouragement Award, 8yrs Athletics, Cross Country 

Jahana Critchley- RE Prize, 9 yrs Cross Country, Swimming

Emma Eberle-Encouragement Award, 10 yrs Athletics, Cross Country 

Hayden Gallagher- Academic Award, 9 yrs Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming

Konnar McDonald-10 yrs Swimming

Riley Casson- Encouragement Award, 10 yrs Swimming

Annaliese Luckman- 11 yrs Athletics

Ned Marshall- 10 yrs Athletics

Emma Zischke- Academic Award

Ronnie Critchley- Encouragement Award, RE Prize, 11yrs Cross Country, Swimming

Jack Donaldson- 11yrs Athletics

Liam Dumesny-12 yrs Athletics

Connor Neville- Academic Award,11yrs Athletics,Cross Country, Swimming

Emma Zischke- Spirit of Junior School

India Aitchison- Academic Merit Award

Maddison Aitchsion- Subject Award English, Academic Merit Award,JCU Encouragement Award

Evie Batt- Subject Award Art, Geography,History

Subject Award ICT, Science,Academic  Merit Award, JCU Encouragement Award

Sophie McLaren- Subject Award Maths, PE

Taylor Stoll-Subject Award Japanese,Academic Merit Award, JCU Encouragement Award

Lachlan Corrigan- Academic Merit Award

Sarah Epong- Subject Award for Art

Raven Guy- Academic Merit Award

Brodie Land- Academic Merit Award 

Jack McQueen- Subject Award for Manual Arts

Amy Neville- Subject Award Music, Academic Award

Lauchlan Sollitt- Subject Award ICT

Ashlee Walsh- Subject Award Drama

Lachlan Wearing- Subject Award English, Geography, History, Maths, PE and Science

Madalyn Weicks- Subject Award English, Geography,Home Economics,Japanese

Jessica Blakely- Subject Award Commerce, Academic Merit Award

Taylor Casson- Subject Award Home Economics

Martic Crole- Subject Award Manual Arts

Brennan Leggett-Subject Award Mathematics Academic Merit Award

Jemimah Phillott- Subject award Art, English, Music

Madi Smith- Subject Award Geography, History, Japanese, PE, Science

Katie Williams-Subject Award Drama, Academic Merit Award.

Lauchlin Sollitt- Alice Patterson Prize Junior Debating

Taylor Casson- Mann Richard's Memorial Prize for Citizenship

Jemimah Phillott- Robertson Family Prize for Most Promising Musician

Naomi Holdcroft- Yr 7 George Seary Prize for Handwriting

Madalyn Weicks -Yr8 George Seary Prize for Handwriting

Sophie Mc Laren- Proximae Accessit Yr 7

Evie Batt- Dux Yr 7

Madalyn Weicks- Proximae Accessit Yr 8

Lachlan Wearing- Dux Yr 8

Jemimah Phillott- Proximae Accessit Yr 9

Madi Smith - Dux Yr 9


Lucy Campbell-Subject Award Drama, Japanese, JCU Encouragement Award

Rachael Dahl- Subject Award Commerce and Legal, Manual Arts

Roy Fisher- Subject Award Geography, History, PE and Science

Darcy Ginns- Larkin- Subject Award Maths Extension

Melanie Jones- Subject Award Art

Alex Kent- Subject Award Home Economics

Topia Kingi- Hutana- Subject Award English
Kaylin Laffey- Subject Award Music, JCU Encouragement Award
Nakiya Bally- Subject Award for English Communications, Prevocational Maths

Sally Palmer- Subject Award Legal Studies

Malcolm Pegler-Subject Award Chemistry,Furnishings, Maths B

Olivia Penna-Subject Award Drama,English,Maths A, Modern History

Harrison Phillott-Subject Award PE

Andrew Pittman- Subject Award Business Organistaion and Management

Morgan Rockley-Subject Award Music and Voc Ed and Training

Morgan Williams-Subject Award Biology,Science 21,Visual Art, Academic Merit Award

Thomas Wright- Subject Award Engineering
Stella Batt- Subject Award Visual Art

Michael Brown- Subject Award English Comunications

Zoe Curtis-JCU Encouragement Award

Samantha Hintz-Subject Award Hospitality and Voc Ed and Training

Cassie Jones- Subject Award Creative Arts
Steven Pittman- Subject Award Music

Dion Pyne- Subject Award Japanese

Melinda Ryan- Norma Lawson Prize  for Business Studies, Subject Award Drama, Maths A

Courtney Sheales-Subject Award Science 21, Academic Merit Award

Callum Smith-Landsberg Prize for English,Subject Award Biology, Chemistry,Maths B,PE, Physics

Jusatin Todd- Subject Award Legal Studies, Academic Merit Award

Dan Webb- Subject Award Modern History

Darcy Ginns-Larkin- Thomas Collins Memorial Prize
Kaylin Laffey-Charles and Beatrice Winter Bursary
Steven Pittman- Patricia Lees Cultural Prize, Doug Patterson Prize for Debating

Roy Fisher-Long Tan Leadership Award

Morgan Williams- Venables Family Encouragement Award
Melinda Ryan- Judy Batt Memorial Prize
Ross Leggett- Shane Knuth Prize for Community Spirit
Courtnet Sheales- Long Tan Leadership Award
Justin Todd- Interact Prize


                                    Zoe Curtis- Caltex Best  All Rounder, Stan Collins Memorial Prize
                       Callum Smith- Bill Kennedy Memorial Prize,Louis Spense Memorial Prize,
                                             Senior Sports Person of the Year
                                           Darcy Ginns-Larkin- Proximae Accessit Yr 10
                                             Roy Fisher- Dux Yr 10
                                             Malcolm Pegler- Proximae Accessit Yr 11
                                         Olivia Penna- Dux Yr 11
                                       Melinda Ryan-  Ergon Energy Prize Proximae Accessit Yr 12

                                    Callum Smith-Hal Taylor Memorial Prize for Dux Yr 12