Thursday, March 29, 2012

Secondary Interhouse Cross Country

the Secondary students gathered on the oval for their Interhouse Cross Country on Tuesday afternoon. The Senior boys, who had the longest course to run, started first and were followed by the Senior girls.The rest of the Secondary school races were  staggered  across the afternoon with year 8's having the last start and shortest course. Some students ran sprinted off quickly but equally tired quickly while the seasoned Cross Country runners ran the entire course at their pre-determined pace.
Age Champions were as follows:-
13 yrs  Keesha Whyte       and          Daniel Windus
14 yrs Madi Smith            and          Colin Rayment
15yrs  Rachael Dahl  tied
           with  Katie Williams     and  Jacob McLaren 
16yrs  Hayley Whiting     and          Brandon Reed
Open  Morgan Williams   and         Scott Cerqui

The  Boys House placings were awarded to;-  Black (1st) Bacon (2nd) Dickson (3rd)
The Girls House placings were awarded to:-Archie (1st), Bryce (2nd), Bacon (3rd)

Congratulations to all students who competed in the  Cross Country .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Primary Interhouse Cross Country

Primary students gathered for the annual Interhouse Cross Country on Tuesday morning. The weather was kind as it was a little cooler than previous mornings and it wasn't raining. The Senior Health and Recreation students helped supervise the event.  After a great running effort the students were treated with an icy pole.
Age champions were:-

U 7yrs -  Jared Stoll                            and     Gemma Neville   
U 8yrs -  Kascie McDonald                and     Jade Stoll
U 9yrs - Hayden Gallagher                 and     a tie between Poppy Prichard and Jahana Critchley
U10 yrs- Blake Foster                         and     Emma Eberle
U11 yrs- Connor Neville                     and    Ronnie Critchley
U12yrs- Jaxson Gallagher                   and    Sophie McLaren

House points are worked out by adding the place points gained and then dividing by the number of students in each House.

The  Girls House points were awarded to  Archie (1st), Bryce (2nd), Bacon (3rd).
The  Boys House  points were awarded to Black (1st), Bacon (2nd), Dickson (3rd)