Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I pads in the Junior School

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed  exploring some of the educational apps on the i pad set available for use. The students were engaged and enjoying fun activities to help with spelling, number work and sight word skills.

Japanese Speaking Competition

BTC students were involved in the Annual Charters Towers Japanese Speaking Competition.
Students who competed included:-

Year 9 Division
Kate McCullough 1st place
Ayden Betts 2nd place
Year 8 Division Tilona Ahmat and Kelsey Jones tie at 1st place
Bonny McKellar  3rd place
Jordyn Olditch 4th place
Indea Johnstone
Year 7 Division Jakob Vailalo  2nd place
Olivia Miller 4th place
David Donaldson 5th place
Jakeb Smith
Aleesha Ward
Laken Wilton
Year 6 Division (out of 19 students)Evan Hill-Warner 5th place 
Leon Spry
Hayley Abbott
Courtney Quix
Year 5 Division (out of 20 students)
Ainsley Thompson 2nd place
Heather Smallwood 4th place
Jarod Stoll 6th place 
Mia Bassett 9th place
Gemma Neville
Charli Donaldson
Dan Marshall

NQ Cross Country Results

Congratulations to all BTC students who represented Charters Towers at the NQ Cross Country Trials. Results were as follows:-
Evan Hill- Warner 26th
Megan Rayment 7th
Catherine Oliver 10th
Nikita Wearing 23rd
Reg Batt 9th
Jason Bulsey-63rd.

Megan Rayment missed NQ selection by a was nearly a photo finish between 6th and 7th.

Well done to all students!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Senior Assembly

Senior students and staff were treated to a dance display from  a group of students at assembly.  It was a wonderful performance that everyone enjoyed. Thanks girls.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rugby League BTC Vs ASSG

A big thank you to Cyndi McQueen for taking some fantastic footy photos on Sunday.  Below are some of her photos capturing some great footy moments.