Friday, March 22, 2013

Primary Interschool Trials

Primary students have been involved in  trial games in Rugby League and Netball against other Charters Towers schools. The aim of the trials was not only to provide the students with a chance to expand their skills but also to choose Charters Towers Representative teams to compete in the NQ trials. The BTC League boys combined with the ASSG team.
In League, Connor Neville was chosen in the Possibles and Probables game.
In Netball, Riley Casson, Annie Luckman  and Ronnie Critchley  made it into the Possibles and Probables game with Riley being selected in the Charters Towers Team. Congratulations to Riley who will travel to the NQ Championships at the Burdekin on 21-22 April.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shave for a Cure

BTC Interact organised the Shave For a Cure to raise fund for cancer. while most students and staff opted for a donation to get their hair coloured, three students and one staff member raised money to have their heads shaved. Karla Sollitt(group fundraising $7000), Demi Goldsworthy ($1600), Melanie Jones ($1300) and Ms Donaldson ($600) donated their hair and money to a wothwhile charity.





Week 6 , 7 and 8 Sport

 Week 6 against  ASSG saw some of the tennis games postponed .  Although the softball teams went down to ASSG there were some very close scores.  Week 7 saw BTC against CCC. 15 yrs softball won by 1 point, 14 yrs softball lost by 1 point, 13yrs softball  and 2nds softball won . 1sts softball  went down by 3 points.  In Tennis the previously undefeated 2nds team went down to CCC, although Callum Brown is still undeated in his games and the 15yrs went down  although it was great to see the reserve boys stand in for the students not able to play this week. The 1sts Tennis went down by 1 point.

BTC had a great last week of sport against High School with the 1sts and 2nds softball winning, 14's drew with High School and 13's and 1sts Tennis teams won.