Friday, March 25, 2011

Blackthorn Kindy Kids Go Green

Blackthorn Kindy Kids are getting involved in the environment and ‘going green’ this year.

The environmentally conscious have begun their project by talking and learning about recycling and now there are buckets on the table at meal times to put our plastic rubbish in. The plastics are removed and recycling materials are sorted. The yoghurt containers are washed and used for painting and craft activities and the rest are left in the special recycling bin. The children have also made a big recycling box for the cardboard and paper recyclables.

The next step is to plant and grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. There will be plenty of gardening action in the next couple of weeks.

Term 1 Interschool Sport Tennis and Softball

The 2nd round of Interschool sport has been played and the results I have in are Softball 13 yrs CCC17- BTC 6, 14yrs BTC 20 -CCC9 , 15 yrs BTC 17-CCC 2 and the 1sts just went down due to the clock beating them.In Tennis the 1sts also went down to CCC, while 14 boys BTC 21-CCC13 and 15 boys CCC36-BTC 9.

Blackheath and Thornburgh College Primary Early Act Club

Blackheath and Thornburgh College Early Act Club

The tradition of service continues at Blackheath and Thornburgh College, with the charter of the Blackheath and Thornburgh EarlyAct Club scheduled for next Monday. The Club consists of students from year four to seven and will be a self governing entity with support from the Interact Club. Students in EarlyAct will plan and co ordinate events for the Junior School Community, to support events and charities. Early Act provides students with the opportunity to play an active role in their community and improve leadership and teamwork skills.

The inaugural Board includes President Georgia Mintram, Vice President Jim Burgess, Minutes Secretary Leah Ryle, Treasurer Amy Neville, Correspondence Secretary Jack McQueen and Junior Vice President, Jaxon Gallagher.