Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Speech Day

The Blackthorn Hall was packed for the 2014 Annual Speech Day.  College Captains Fred Batt and Jaimeen Kenni welcomed the audience before Chairman of the Board,  Mr Chris Hesp gave his address. College Principal, Mr Nigel Fairbairn gave his speech before the Senior Specialist Vocal Group entertained the crowd. Head of the Junior School. Mrs Hannah Ferguson introduced the awardees of the Junior School while they were congratulated by Mr Fairbairn and Mr Hesp. The awards were followed by a slide show before the proceedings moved onto the Secondary Awards. Dean of Studies, Mr Nick Sutcliffe, announced the winners while Mr Fairbairn and Mr Hesp congratulated the students. After singing the Thornburgh and Blackheath songs, Jaimeen and Fred gave their last speeches as College Captains before Mr Fairbairn announced the 2015 leadership positions.

Blackheath Captain- Madi Smith                             Blackheath Vice Captain- Jemimah Phillott
Thornburgh Captain- Sevese Morea                        Thornburgh Vice Captain- Jack Mellor
Girls Boarding Captain- Emma Condon            Girls Boarding Vice Captain- Zoe Krause
Boys Boarding Captain- Jack Mellor                 Boys Boarding Vice Captain- Zac Wilson
Prefects: -
Sports- Merial Kenni
Arts- Katie Williams
Blackthorn- Jessica Blakey
Transition Yr7-8- Taylor Casson
House Captains:-
Bacon/Bacon-Michaela Henry and Zac Wilson
Archie /Black-Bridget Ginns-Larkin and Brennan Leggett
Bryce/Dickson- Amber Curtis and Taye Reid.

College photographer- Daniel Simatis.

Finally Mr Harry Jackson was presented with the Patron of Blackheath and Thornburgh College Association for his continual and on-going support of the College.

Kaed Alloway- Encouragement

Kane Condon- Encouragement

Boyd Daly- Encouragement

Courtney Feirclough-Encouragement

Ben Schunemann Encouragement

Gareth Stoll Encouragement

Yr 1 Brooke Evans- Encouragement Award

Yr 1 Grace Ferguson- Encouragement Award

Yr 1 Nate Thompson - Academic Award

Yr 2 Kalys King- Encouragement Award

Yr 2 Samuel McCartney- Academic Award

Yr 3 Harry Davis- Encouragement Award

Yr 3 Gemma Neville-Encouragement Award

Yr 3 Jared Stoll-Academic Award

Yr 4 Lucy Innes-Encouragement Award

Yr 4 Justin Barrett-Encouragement Award

 Yr 5 Erin  Neville-Academic  Award

Yr 6 Hayden Gallagher- Academic Award

Emma Eberle- Dux of Year 6

Jahana Critchley- Spirit of Junior School Award

Lilliebeth McDonald- Religious Education Award

Kalys King- Religious Education Award

David Donaldson- Religious Education Award

Yr 8 Ronnie Critchley-  Encouragement Award

Yr 8 Olivia Treacy- Encouragement Award

Yr 9 Sophie McLaren-Encouragement Award

 Yr 10 Jarrah Gough- Encouragement Award

 Yr 7-10 Elissa  Harrison Subject Award for Art

Yr 7-10  Aaron Malpas Subject Award for  Cert 11 Business,
History,Japanese, Music, Science 

Yr7-10 Madalyn Weicks Subject Award for english

Yr7-10 Clint Rayment Subject Award for Geography

Yr7-10 Ashlee Walsh Subject Award for Home Economics

Yr7-10 Hayley Condon Subject Award for Drama
and Encouragement Award

Yr7-10 Lachlan Wearing Subject Award for Manual Arts and Maths

Yr7-10 Liam McMeekin Subject Award for Media

Yr7-10 Jessee Santo Subject Award for Physical Education

Ketokim Bige Yr 7 Handwriting Award

Anne Lahui Yr 8 Handwriting Prize

Yr 7 JCU Encouragement Award Annie Luckman

Yr 7 JCU Encouragement Award- Faith Morea

Yr 7 JCU Encouragement Award Ned Marshall

Yr 10 JCU Encouragement Award Amber Connolly

Yr 10 JCU Encouragement Award Shaleece Johnstone

Lachlan Wearing-Charles and Beatrice Winter Bursary
 and Thomas Collins Memorial Prize.

Julia Sturmfels- Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Ashlee Walsh- Mann Richards Memorial Prize for Citizenship

Yr 7 Proximae Accessit- Reg Batt

Dux of Yr 7   Riley Casson

Yr 8 Proximae Accessit- Jack Donaldson

Dux of Yr 8 Anne Lahui

Yr 9 Proximae Accessit Evie Batt

Dux of Yr 9 Elissa Harrison

Yr 10 Proximae Accessit Aaron Malpas

Dux of Yr 10 Lachlan Wearing

Yr 11 Encouragement Award Jack Mellor

Yr 11-12  Madi Smith  Subject Award for  Biology,
Health  Education and Physical Education

Yr11-12 Fred  Batt Certificate lll Sport and Recreation

Yr11-12 Jaimeen Kenni Norma Lawson Prize for Business Management,
The Landsberg Prize for English

Yr 11-12 Vanya Kable Subject Award for  Chemistry, Physics,
Maths B, Maths C

Yr11-12 Nicole Forshaw  Subject Award for Creative Art

Yr11-12 Katie Williams subject Award for Drama

Yr11-12  Michaela Henry  Subject Award  for Legal Studies and
 Yr 11 Encouragement Award 

Yr11-12 Jemimah Phillott Subject award for History, Visual Art and
Yr11 Encouragement Award

Yr11-12 Tom McQueen  Certificate lll Sport and Recreation

Yr11-12 Emma Condon Subject Award for Hospitality

Jessica Blakey- Venables Family Encouragement Award

Merial Kenni- Mann-Richard's Memorial Prize for Citizenship

Jaimeen Kenni- Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award,
 Judy Batt Memorial Prize and Stan Collins Memorial Prize for College Captain

Fred Batt- Louis Spence Memorial Prize for College Captain

Yr 11 Madi Smith Proximae Accessit

Dux of Yr 11- Vanya Kable

Hal Taylor Memorial Award for Dux of Senior School- Jaimeen Kenni

Blackheath Captain Speech

Thornburgh Captain Speech

Rod  Godwin introduces Harry Jackson 

 Mr Fairbairn presents Harry Jackson with
 he Patron on Blackheath and Thornburgh College Association Award

Harry and Dawn Jackson

Miss Jessie Landsberg with Jaimeen Kenni

2015 College Leadership Team with Mr Fairbairn

2015 College Captains- Madi Smith and Sevese Morea
with Principal Mr Fairbairn

Dux of Junior School - Emma Eberle

Mr Fairbairn with Dux  recipients of the Senior School