Monday, November 6, 2017

Junior and Senior Assemblies

 Junior Assembly Award winners this week were Gareth, Jackson, Cooper, Jake, Brooke,Rowan, Kia, Tahleigh, Rivah, Koby and Ezra.

Wlliam, Maclyn and Harry also received their Bronze Mathletics Awards.  Birthday girls were Kenzie and Cara.

In the Senior Assembly there were also many awards to be handed out.  ICAS ( University of NSW) Mathematics and Writing Certificates were handed out to the students who received Merit or Credit results.  Students who received A-, A or A+ in their English, Art , Drama or English Communications subjects. Athletics Certificates were presented to students and Jordan Brook received recognition for being part of the NQ Track and Field team.  Finally the Duke of Edinburgh students were presented their Gold and Silver badges. Gold awardees were India Aitchison, Maddie Aitchison, Evie Batt, Olivia Rees Ewen, and Teah Schaefer ( Naomi Holdcroft absent) Silver Awardees were Mitch Fogarty and Sophie Mc Laren (absent)

ICAS Mathematics Merit and Credit Certificates

ICAS Writing Merit and Credit Certificates


Jordan Brook - NQ Track and Field.