Thursday, August 31, 2017

Secondary Athletics

The Secondary students have been busy with both Interhouse and Interschool Athletics Carnivals.  Results from both are below.  Photos thanks to Colin Davis who was our roving photographer at Interschool Athletics .

Interhouse Athletics Results:-

 Years      Girls Age Champion   Girls Runner Up         Boys Age Champion    Boys Runner up

12                Jordan Brook           Ainsley Thompson       Darby Butler           Evan Hill- Warner

13            Hayley O'Keefe           Harly Jones                  Liam Brown             Ben Carlaw

14            Kathryn Fisher         Anjeleah Corrigan          Ben Stevenson          Liam Cashmere

15            Kelsey Jones             Babetha Nona                Owen Hyden           Robert Oliver

16        Tenisha Soloman           Annie Luckman          Kellend Elliott            Josh Walsh

Open     Jessee Santo                 Sophie McLaren         Allen Rau                   Sean Dermba

Boys   12 Yrs High Jump  1.35m D Butler
            12 Yrs Javelin ( new event)  14.27m D Butler
            12 Yrs Triple jump ( new event) 8.08m  D Butler

           12 Yrs triple jump ( new event) 7.13m J Brook
           12 Yrs Javelin ( new event)  14.06m  M Pope

           15 Yrs Shot Put 9.99m T Ahmet
           16 Yrs triple jump 10.07m T Soloman
            Open Shotput     10.08m K Guligo
            Open Javelin        25.83m  K Guligo
            Open Hurdles      16.70  J Santo
            Open 100m          12.6    J Santo
            Open 200m          27.1    J Santo
            Open Long Jump    5.20m    J Santo
            Open High Jump    1.53m  J Santo

  D Beneke Cup - Most Individual Point ( Girls) Kelsey Jones
Jos Allingham Trophy- Most Individual Point (Boys)  Darby Butler

Interschool Athletics Results:

BTC 3rd girls relays, 2nd in boys relays.
BTC girls placed 2nd to ASSG ( only 51 points difference)
BTC boys placed 3rd.
BTC placed 3rd overall
Andre Hill Warner and Colin Davis were Runner Ups in their Divisons.
Darby Butler was Age Champion for 12 Yrs Boys.

Jordan Brook, Kelsey Jones and Annie Luckman were Runner Up in their Age Groups.
Tenisha Soloman and Jessee Santo were Age Champions.

New events for 12 Yrs saw records set by Azaria Woolla in 12 Yrs Javelin and Jordan Brook in Triple Jump.
Tilona Ahmet broke the record for 15Yrs Shotput 10.00m and Darby Butler broke the record for the 12 Yrs High Jump 1.38m.

Jessee Santo broke the Open Long Jump 5.15m and 100m Sprint Records. The 12.12  sprint broke the previous record of 12.7 that had stood since 1976.

Well done to all athletes who gave their best efforts.

Well run, Colin!