Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Bilby's First Week and Assesmbly

It has been a big week for some of our new Bilby Students and their Mum's and Dad's; first week of school. All students had a great week and adapted well to their new environment.
Congratulations to our merit award recipients: Maclyn Scarborough, Jackson Hopley-Joce, Summer-Rae Collope, William White, Locc Reiffel, Kia King, Ashi Bruce-Moore, Joden Foot, Charlie Eddy and Addyson Burt.
Happy Birthday to Kyemma Betts, Kia King, Locc Rieffel, Jackson Hopley-Joce, Gemma Neville, William White and Georgia Russell.
William White was also presented with his leadership badge by Mr Murador.