Friday, August 4, 2017

Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Silver Awardees travelled  to Big Crystal Creek as part of their Adventurous Journey.  After setting up camp the students explored the area around the  Paradise Waterhole and enjoyed a refreshing swim.  On Day 2 they went to the Rockslides where they explored further up the creek. They had to navigate their own path through boulder and rock hopping as they followed the creek bed.  After a morning tea break, the students returned back to the Rockslides for lunch  and a swim before returning to camp for another swim at the waterhole. Day 3 was a challenging day, after driving up the range to Paluma, the students explored both the clearly marked tourist walks and lookouts as well as tackling a less known hiking trail. There were many inclines and a few hills throughout their walk with a drop down into the Triple Falls Creek bed by using a rope to help navigate down the steep hill. After the 10km was walked the students were a little tired so after a quick stop at Little Crystal Creek on the way down the range, a stop at the Frosty Mango gave them a well earned treat.  With no reception at the camp sites, there was conversation around the campfire as well as some Trivia battles being held. Who will forget the Jabberwocky?
Congratulations to all students for meeting the challenges given to them on the camp....even the cold showers. Thanks to Marnie for helping supervise on the camp and to Penny for getting all the permission forms in.