Monday, October 9, 2017

Junior and Senior Assembly

 At Junior School Assembly this morning students received their weekly awards. They were:-
Juke,  William, Kane, Emmit, Ashi, Dana  Lana and Charlie. Kenzie received the Head of Junior School Award.  Gorgia won the Sprung Card award.


Senior School had their Assembly in the afternoon where students were also presented with awards.

Students were awarded Certificates of Achievement for their participation in the National Computer Science School 5 week Python Coding Challenge.
Beginners: Olivia Treacy, Georgie Taylor, Duncan McKellar and Magenta Pope (also 2 students from Junior school - Charli Donaldson and Jared Stoll)
Intermediate: Jack Donaldson
Advanced: Patrick Harrison.

Other students were presented with Awards from the Australian History Competition. Awardees included: Lucy Innes, Magenta Pope, Yasmeen Caddy, Tilona Ahmat, Kelsey Jones, Braithen Knox and Kate McCullough.

Finally students who had achieved -A, A orA+ in their Humanities subject were presented with an Academic Award. These students included: Liam Brown, Magenta Pope, Montana Homosi, Imogen Bruce Moore, Kathryn Fisher, Kelsey jones, Catherine Weicks, Jordan Olditch, Charli Gallagher, Braithen Knox, Kate McCullough, Olivia Treacy, Jessica Tamarua, Kyle Schaefer, Daniel Reed, and Maddison Aitchison.