Thursday, February 16, 2012

Secondary Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Students recently competed in  the Annual  Interhouse Swimming Carnival. Events included 200m, 100m free, 50m free, breaststroke, fly and backstroke and medley and free relays. Two records were broken on the day by Darcy Ginns-Larkin (50 free, 50 back) . Four swimmers  swam and won every event- Keesha Whyte (13yrs)  Madi Smith (14yrs) Darcy Ginns-Larkin (15 yrs) and Callum Smith (Open) A  detailed report on the Interhouse Swimming Carnival will be printed in the BTC Briefing.

Age Champions and Runner-Ups

Runner -Up
13yrs girls
Keesha Whyte
Raven Guy
13yrs boys
Lachlan Corrigan
Hayden Lang
14yrs girls
Madi Smith
Jemimah Phillott
14yrs boys
Daniel Simatis
Hayden Kettunen
15yrs girls
Katie Williams
Lucy Campbell
15yrs boys
Darcy Ginns-Larkin
Fred Batt
16yrs girls
Elissa Marsterson
Sally Carrington
16yrs boys
Harrison Phillott
Toby Paynter
Open girls
Morgan Williams
Jess Batt
Open boys
Callum Smith
Harry Campbell

Tavasci Cup for Breaststroke- Archie 1st, Bryce 2nd, Bacon 3rd
Robins Cup – Overall Aggregate-  Archie 1st, Bacon 2nd, Bryce 3rd
 Aggregate Shield-  Black 1st, Bacon 2nd ,Dickson 3rd
Dot Nibbs (Senior Boys)- Black 1st, Bacon 2nd, Dickson 3rd
Good luck to the swimmers who will now compete in the Interschool competition next week.