Thursday, February 2, 2012

Leaders Induction Assembly

Wednesday morning saw the Induction of Senior and Junior Leaders of the College for 2012. After a Bible reading by Mrs Diesel and an Address by Principal Mrs Ann Moxham, Leaders took the College Pledge before being presented with their Certificates and Badges by Mrs Moxham. Miss Miranda Davis (Junior School Coordinator) presented the Junior Leaders to Mrs Moxham and the Assembly.

Junior School Captains: Maddison Aitchison and Jaxson Gallagher

Junior School Sports Captains: Sophie Mc Laren and Takumi Kuwajima

Mr Nick Sutcliffe (Senior School Coordinator) presented the Senior Leaders to Mrs Moxham and the Assembly.

College Captains: Zoe Curtis and Callum Smith
College Vice Captains: Melinda Ryan and Scott Cerqui

Boarding Captains: Stella Batt and Ross Leggett
Boarding Vice Captains: Chloe Anderson and Damon Hesp

House Captains:

Archie Black: Jessica Batt and Josiah Phillott

Bacon Bacon: Jade Dwyer and Scott Cerqui

Bryce Dickson: Melinda Ryan and Angus McQueen

Sports Captains: Courtney Sheales and Daniel Webb

Music Captains: Steven Pittman and Ben Kennedy

Performing Arts Captain: Tamika Simatis

Oratory Captain: Justin Todd

Prefect: Samantha Hinz

Senior Leaders: Shannon Bailey, Renee Bond, Michael Brown, Harry Campbell, Laurence Crole, Jesse Davidson, Todd Ellis, Connor Evans, Belinda Forshaw, Adam Fry, Dylan Hando, Cassie Jones, Marbel Mukarati, Dion Pyne, Cassandra Rayment, Taylor Rossow, John John Wak, Jade Wolmby and Ray Wolmby.

After the presentation of the Leaders parents and friends were invited to pin the badges on the students. A musical item was presented by the College Band before Leaders and guests adjourning to Thornburgh house for morning tea.