Monday, April 24, 2017

Junior School Assembly, 24th April and Cross Country Results

 Well done to Charlie Brown and Georgia Russell, who read aloud their letters to the fallen ANZAC soldiers during the Senior School Assembly today. They were very brave!

Ashi Bruce-Moore and Sophia Ferguson also read aloud their ANZAC letters today, to the Junior School students.

Miss West read the Junior School an ANZAC story.

Congratulations and well done to our assembly award recipients:
Ashi Bruce-Moore, Amelia Jamieson, Brooklyn Hyden, Maelee Anderson, Charlie Brown, Kai Matsumoto,  Maclyn Scarborough, Patrick Sullivan.
A special well done to Jake Everett, who has received his Silver Award for Mathletics.

Happy Birthday!
Katie Windus, Kane Condon, Amelia Jamieson

Cross Country Age Champions and Runners Up
Under 7's
Age Champion: Sophia Ferguson      Runner Up: Kia Kia
Age Champion: Braith Foot      Runner Up: Charlie Brown
Under 8's
Age Champion: Dana Bassett    Runner Up: Georgia Russell
Age Champion: Kane Condon    Runner Up: Emmet Jonsson
Under 9's
Age Champion: Eloise Wassmuth    Runner Up: Grace Ferguson
Age Champion: Lincon Foot    Runner Up: Brodie Friend
Under 10's
Age Champion: Brooke Evans
Age Champion: Brock Critchely     Runner Up: Jake Evans
Under 11's
Age Champion: Maclyn Scarborough     Runner Up: Heather Smallwood
Age Champion: Juke Ferguson     Runner Up: Matthew Smallwood
House Winners!
First Place: Bryce-Dickson
Second Place: Archie-Black
Third Place: Bacon-Bacon