Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's happening in the Junior School?

Year 5/6 students have been experimenting with creating shape and tone using a variety of media. Students really enjoyed the task and were very imaginative and creative with their work.

Assembly award winners!
Kix Young, Katie Windus, Kayla Evans
Charli Donaldson, Jared Stoll and Grace Ferguson

Happy Birthday Kayls King and Sophia Ferguson!

Patrick Sullivan and Brock Critchly delivered a persuasive speech, pleading for toys to be allowed at school. Very convincing boys, we'll get back to you on that topic!

Well done Assembly Award Winners!
Brodie Friend, Sophia Ferguson, Rivah Young, Noah Morris, Eloise Wassmuth, Brooke Evans, Braith Foot, Nate Thompson and Kyemma Betts

Happy Birthday to Noah Morris!

The 3/4 class presented a poem during assembly this week. They were very entertaining and it was great to see such enthusiasm.