Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Senior Leaders Induction

The College Community gathered at Blackthorn Hall to celebrate the induction of the 2017 Year 12 leadership team. After a welcome by Principal Mr Nigel Fairbairn and Deputy Chairman of the Board Mr Brian Beveridge, the students recited the College Leaders Pledge. Mr Bowden announced the leaders before there were presented with their badges. 

The 2017 Blackheath and Thornburgh College Captains and Prefects are:- 

Thornburgh Captain- Sam Shadbolt
Blackheath Captain- Hayley Condon
Thornburgh Vice Captain- Allan Rau
Blackheath Vice Captain- Maddison Aitchison
Girls Boarding Captain- Evie Batt
Girls Boarding Vice Captain and Yr 7 Transition Prefect- Evelyn Coleman
Boys Boarding Captain- Allan Rau
Boys Boarding Vice Captain- Jordan Benny
Sports Prefect- Jessee Santo
Academic Prefect- Georgie Taylor
Arts Prefect- Kassity Knox
Blackthorn Prefect- Alex Tupper-Osland
Archie Black Captains- India Aitchison and  Wade Willoughby
Bacon Bacon Captains- Lauren Millett and Liam McKean
Bryce Dickson Captains- Mitch Fogarty and Caitlyn Hyden

Other Year 12 leaders include:-
Meaghan Bawden, Lachlan Chu, Sean Dermba, Elijah Epong, Jaxson Gallagher, Jack Gillatt, Matthew Guy, Elissa Harrison, Patrick Harrison, Naomi Holdcroft,  Brianna Innes, Rani Jones, Chavez Kerr, Duncan McKellar, Sophie McLaren, Liam Mc Meekin, Daniel Reed, Olivia Rees- Ewen, Teah Schaefer, James Smallwood, Dakota Smith, Tayla Stoll, Steven Zarganis
Congratulations to all Year 12 students. Have a great and memorable 2017.

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